Item is amazing as advertised! Great seller, recommended!

-by Lennie

Super fast shipping! I am VERY pleased with this purchase! Thank you!

-by Karrie

I have been a customer of gunsandswords.com for a couple of years now and have always had a great experience dealing with them!

-by Jim
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This medieval weapon sports a detailed hammer head with a large spiked back for any engagement. Feat…. (click image)

ASSASSIN'S KNIFE - LATEXASSASSIN'S KNIFE - LATEXRegular price: $44.00Sale price: $40.00

This realistic latex knife is a perfect companion for just about any of our LARP blades. It is as be…. (click image)

BLACK PRINCE SWORD - LATEXBLACK PRINCE SWORD - LATEXRegular price: $72.00Sale price: $59.95

From our Warlords collection, this one handed long latex sword has an ebony blade. It is perfect for…. (click image)

BLACKSWORDBLACKSWORDRegular price: $235.00Sale price: $177.80

Forged by the dark elves in ages beyond counting, the sword was held by the wood elves for hundreds …. (click image)

BOSWORTH AXE - LATEXBOSWORTH AXE - LATEXRegular price: $76.00Sale price: $62.95

This axe is an ideal sidearm for battlefield or skirmish. You will be sure to cleave your way to the…. (click image)


A true beast of a sword. This two-handed latex warsword is ideal for clearing the battlefield in sho…. (click image)

ELVEN BATTLE SHIELD - LATEXELVEN BATTLE SHIELD - LATEXRegular price: $157.00Sale price: $130.95

This shield embodies all the elegance of the Elven civilization. The curved, wood grained finish is …. (click image)

ELVEN WAR DAGGER - LATEXELVEN WAR DAGGER - LATEXRegular price: $52.00Sale price: $42.95

This Elven dagger has an extra wide blade adorned with runes has a protective ring guard, which can …. (click image)

EYE OF DOOM SHIELD - LATEXEYE OF DOOM SHIELD - LATEXRegular price: $102.00Sale price: $84.95

This amazing shield is centered with a demon eye, sure to strike fear into the hearts of your foes. …. (click image)

HERON MARK SWORDHERON MARK SWORDRegular price: $275.00Sale price: $207.10

The Heron Mark Sword is a superb example of the sword maker's art. In the old days, the Heron Mark s…. (click image)

IRON THORN HAMMER - LATEXIRON THORN HAMMER - LATEXRegular price: $55.00Sale price: $52.80

This short, yet menacing, warhammer appears to be made of solid steel! The large circular head and i…. (click image)

KINGSLAYER SWORD - LATEXKINGSLAYER SWORD - LATEXRegular price: $85.00Sale price: $78.40

This massive double handed war sword cleaves a path on any war field. The sword catchers on the blad…. (click image)

ORC WAR AXE - LATEXORC WAR AXE - LATEXRegular price: $76.00Sale price: $62.95

This imposing sidearm seems as if taken from an Orc Army. The thick beveled blade is complimented by…. (click image)

PALADIN SHIELD - LATEXPALADIN SHIELD - LATEXRegular price: $96.00Sale price: $79.95

This shield is a classic, knightly heater-shaped shield. Features a suede wrapped, hard rubber handl…. (click image)

PALADIN WARHAMMER - LATEXPALADIN WARHAMMER - LATEXRegular price: $75.00Sale price: $69.90

This double-sided bone crusher has a spiked top for thrusting and to help you clear a wide path in b…. (click image)

RAPTOR SWORDRAPTOR SWORDRegular price: $215.00Sale price: $163.20

We have named this fantasy sword for the fierce prehistoric predator. The pommel is in the form of i…. (click image)

Sgian DubhSgian DubhRegular price: $40.00Sale price: $34.85

A Scottish tradition, the original Sgian Dubhs were frequently worn under the shirt close to the armpit. Now it is tradi…. (click image)

Sword of EzioSword of EzioRegular price: $160.00Sale price: $121.85

The Sword of Ezio is made of high carbon steel and features a leather-wrapped grip with an intricate brass hand guard. O…. (click image)

SWORD OF ROVENSWORD OF ROVENRegular price: $199.00Sale price: $185.10

Circa 1400 Despite having several names; War Sword, Great Sword, Long Sword and even Two-Hand Sword …. (click image)

Throwing Knives - Set of 2Throwing Knives - Set of 2Regular price: $40.00Sale price: $34.85

From Assassin's Creed II: Subtle and lightweight, these daggers fit perfectly in the Ezio Belt and Baldric set. Made of …. (click image)